My old portfolio website

A screenshot of my old portfolio website with my projects, thesis and how to contact me.

Over the last couple of years, I ran my own personal portfolio website. My portfolio website was very useful during these years to show off my skills and projects I was working on.

Besides my projects, it was also a good way to put yourself out there. It provided me some visibility on the Web and a way for recruiters to access my CV directly. Recruiters could just download my CV and see how I might fit the profile they were looking for.

However, since I started a PhD at IDLab Ghent, I needed a space to list my publications and talk about my research. I had two options, either extend my website or build a fresh one. I went for the second option since I wanted to update the technology stack behind my website anyway.

Time for something new!

For the past few months, I have been looking into the personal websites of my colleagues to see which technologies were used by them.

Most of them are using Jekyll to build their websites. You can write your content in Markdown and converted by Jekyll into HTML pages. Markdown is easy to write and makes it much easier to create content for your website. Since Markdown is text-based, you can write it in my favourite text editor: Vim :smiley: If Markdown is insufficient, you can always embed HTML tags into your Markdown file without any issues.

# Hello World

You can use Markdown to write content for your Jekyll website!

Jekyll also supports Liquid templates in your pages. These templates are processed when building your website by Jekyll. Since I’m researching Semantic Web technologies, I want to add Linked Data to my website. I am going to use Liquid templates to create JSON-LD snippets to add machine readable information to my website. This way, the information you’re reading right now, can also be read and understood by machines. I will write another blog post later on about this, keep an eye on this blog :wink:.

My new portfolio website has dedicated blog section where I will blog about my research, my life and even the universe. Besides the blog section, I also have a place to list my research publications. The list is now almost empty, but I’m sure that the list will grow over time :sunglasses:.