The 1st of April is a day that I will always remember, not as April Fools’ Day, but as the day when I lost my best friend. Exactly one month ago, I received the horrible news that my dearest friend past away :sob:.

Her name was Ellen, 22 years old and she was a beautifull blonde girl. Ellen was like a sister to me, a sister I never had in the first place.

Even though we sometimes lost contact for a while, we always picked up where we left off. I still had a huge list of things I wanted to share and do with you. However, that’s not going to happen anymore, but I know you were and always will be there for me. Maybe not in person, but always in my heart :heart:.

Thank you for these wonderful years

Ellen, you …

  • were like a sister to me.
  • understood me.
  • accepted me for who I was.
  • were always there for me.
  • were and always be my best friend.

Thank you for being such a great friend for all these years. I had a wonderful time with you and these memories will stay with me forever.

You will never be forgotten, never!

Our thing was going for a swim :swimmer: in the local swimming pool. We could chat for hours while we were swimming and share the latest news of our lives with each other. The next time I will go swimming, it will be different, very different. Nevertheless, I will never forget you, never!